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Cedar of Lebanon Wood Turning Blanks

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Species Info
Quality Specs

Cedar of Lebanon

Also known as Solomon's Cedar, the Cedar of Lebanon tree typically grows in the Mediterranean regions of Europe, but occasionally shows up in ornamental landscapes in the US.  European trees are becoming more and more scarce, and are heavily protected where they occur naturally.  The wood was supposedly used in the construction of many Biblical temples and buildings, including the Great Temple which was constructed by King Solomon.  The sapwood is a light yellowish-white color, and the heartwood is a reddish-brown.  The wood is lightweight, turns easily, sands easily, and will produce a medium lustre during sanding.  The wood is also aromatic, producing a sweet, non-overpowering scent while being worked.  Available in limited quantities, while supplies last.

Special Note:  Although relatively easy to dry, these pieces may develop slight hairline checks on their outer surfaces while being worked, due to the low moisture content of this wood in its natural state.  For the best results, pieces should not be left sitting exposed for long periods of time after the wax coating has been removed.

Our Quality Standards
  • Bowl blanks are pre-cut round. Measurements are in inches - diameter x thickness
  • Platter blanks are pre-cut round.  Measurements are in inches - diameter x thickness
  • Spindle measurements are in inches - width x height x length
  • Pieces are green (not dried)
  • Fully sealed in paraffin wax to guard against defects
  • Pieces contain no pith, checks or cracks
  • Pieces may contain up to 1/3 sapwood
  • Pieces may contain small, tight knots
Quality Assurance Guarantee
All of our turning blanks are guaranteed to be the highest quality available. If for any reason you are ever dissatisfied with a piece of wood that you receive from our company, we offer a no-hassle replacement policy. Simply contact us at, and we will get everything taken care of for you immediately.

Low Price Guarantee
We offer a low price guarantee on all blanks other than our one-of-a-kind and monster blanks.  If you find a better price out there* we will match that is our promise to you that we will always offer the best quality at the best prices!

*Auction sites not included

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Selection of Blanks Currently Available

Cedar of Lebanon  |  Bowl Blanks

Item Price # in Stock Add to Cart
6x3 Cedar of Lebanon Wood Bowl Turning Blank $9.41 9

Cedar of Lebanon  |  Platter Blanks

Item Price # in Stock Add to Cart
8x2 Cedar of Lebanon Wood Platter Turning Blank $11.15 4

Cedar of Lebanon  |  Spindle Blanks

Item Price # in Stock Add to Cart
2x2x6 Cedar of Lebanon Wood Spindle Turning Blank $2.09 4
2x2x12 Cedar of Lebanon Wood Spindle Turning Blank $4.18 5