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We are a growing company located in the piedmont region of South Carolina midway between Anderson, Greenville, Augusta and Columbia. We've been in business since December of 2005, when a newly acquired wood lathe sent us searching for pieces of wood to turn. We looked in many different stores. We looked on the internet. We glued pieces together to get bigger blocks. It was just so difficult to find any decent sized pieces of turning stock!

That's when we started cutting our own blanks using our chainsaw, a portable planer, and an old Craftsman bandsaw we had. We soon started cutting more pieces for ourselves, and one day decided to try selling a piece or two on Ebay. Then we sold more. And more. Needless to say, we've grown considerably since then. After selling countless turning blanks we now have a sawmill, an inventory of logs to choose from, a fully operational shop, lots of customers, a web site, and more. WOW!

Things sure are different now...but one thing does remain the same. We love what we do, and if you decide to give our products a try, we know that the passion we have developed will show up in every piece of wood you'll purchase. If you disagree, we'll gladly get you fixed right up.

Now that you know a little about us, here's an introduction to our staff here (both of us!):


Brad Leigher


8 years in service industry
4 years in building & construction
Woodworking hobbyist/enthusiast
Amateur wood turner
AAW Member

(864) 723-2765

Mike Leigher


14 years in service industry
3 years in business management and marketing
5 years in web site design and systems analysis
Woodworking hobbyist/enthusiast
Amateur wood turner
AAW Member

(864) 378-5200

Our Shop
Turning Blank Storage
Nicknamed the "candy store" by our shop's visitors, this is where we maintain our inventory of well over 10,000 individual turning blanks.
Thickness Planer
This is our Oliver 25"x10" thickness planer.  Digital height and speed controls for efficient surfacing of all of our woods that we sell.
These are our three 18" bandsaws that we use constantly.  The Rikon in the foreground is used for cutting large slabs into individual blocks for bowls.  The leftmost Jet is outfitted with a 3/8" blade and does all of our circle cutting.  The Jet bandsaw to the far right is outfitted with a 1" blade for ripping spindle stock quickly and efficiently.
We run a TimberKing 1600 portable bandsaw mill, where we saw each log into the slabs that will later be turned into blanks.
Dry Kiln
This Vacutherm vacuum kiln is the newest addition to our arsenal.  It holds 500 board feet of lumber, and is capable of very rapidly drying thick stock.