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10"x4" Elm Burl Wood Bowl Turning Blank

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Product Description

Special Note:
All pieces contain moderate to heavy burl patterns through at least 2/3 of each blank. Recommended for experienced turners. Wood is light tan to off white in color with reddish or burgundy colored birdseyes. This species is moderately hard. Grain is irregular. Cuts well. Sands to a medium lustre, finishes easily, and is somewhat stable when dried.
Drying Tips:
Due to the unusual grain patterns in this burl, pieces should be dried slowly to minimize checking.

   Burled blanks are pre-cut square, not round like our other turning blanks
   Green/undried wood - moisture content varies
   Fully sealed in wax to prevent degrade
   Protective wax seal guaranteed for 30 days
   Guaranteed defect-free (Full quality standards listed below)
   All orders fulfilled within 2 business days
   Shipments fully insured against loss and damage
  • Surfaces planed to display wood grain
  • Size varies by less than 1%
  • Will not contain rot, wane, cracks or pith
  • May have very slight natural bark pockets around some birdseyes in this burl
  • Contains moderate to heavy burl through at least 2/3 of each blank

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