Photo of the Month Contest

Share your photos with us and be entered for a chance to win a monthly prize!

Each month, a new winner is chosen for our photo of the month contest. For full details, click here.

Follow these steps to add your photos to our gallery via Instagram:

  1. Make sure your profile is set to "public"
  2. Add a hashtag within the caption or comments section of your photo
  3. Tag your photo with "#gw4" followed by the name of the wood in your photo
    (EX: "#gw4ambrosia maple" adds your image to the ambrosia maple category)
  4. To enter our monthly photo contest, also include "#gw4photocontest" in your caption or comment.

You can also email your photos to us!
Send your pictures to
Include your name and the wood type(s) used.

Most Recent Photo of the Month Contest Entries