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Tuesday , 18 November 2014 , 08 : 57 PM
TurningBlanks.Net Store Newsletter
August 2010 Edition
Focus on Wood - Rainbow Poplar
Flat Sawn Rainbow Poplar Wood
Flat Sawn
Quartersawn Rainbow Poplar Wood
Quarter Sawn
Rainbow Poplar Wood End Grain
End Grain

General Information:

Rainbow poplar comes from mineral stained portions of the tulip poplar tree. It is uncommon, but not rare. Most often found only in larger trees. Exact causes of the unusual colors of staining remain unknown.

Common Name(s):

Tulip poplar, tulip tree, whitewood (in its usual, non-stained form)


Intermixed streaks of dark purple, dark blue, dark green, yellow and/or black.


22 - 31 lbs/ft3 (moderately lightweight)


540 lbft (moderately soft)

Specific Gravity:


Turning Properties:

Very easy to turn when green. Dried wood turns well, with only a slight tendency to tear out.

Drying Properties:

Very easy to dry. Minimal movement and not likely to develop cracks.

Sanding Properties:

Sands quickly due to being moderately soft. Heavy grits are not typically needed unless heavy tool marks remain in the wood. Can be sanded to a medium shine.

Finishing Properties:

Accepts nearly any finish, and stains are not necessary due to the fantastic color of this wood. Oil and wax finishes typically produce a medium high shine. For the glossiest finish, surface finishes such as lacquer, polyurethane, shellac or tung oil should be used.


There are no known toxicities associated with rainbow poplar.

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