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6"x2" KD Curupau Wood Bowl Turning Blank

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Product Description

Also known as Patagonian rosewood due to its color variance and density, but is not a true rosewood variety. Recommended for experienced turners. Wood typically has some variations in color. The wood is predominantly a mix of tan, blue and gray, but frequently contains streaks of black and/or reddish orange. This species is dense. Grain is typically straight, but may occasionally contain light figure. Sands to a very high lustre, finishes easily, and is stable when dried.
Special Note:
These blanks are cut from a single hand-selected log for the best color consistency.

   Kiln dried to below 10% moisture content
   End grain sealed in wax to maintain moisture content
   Protective wax seal guaranteed for 30 days
   Guaranteed defect-free (Full quality standards listed below)
   All orders fulfilled within 2 business days
   Shipments fully insured against loss and damage