TurningBlanks.Net Store Newsletter - November 2013
Sunday , 30 November 2014 , 10 : 33 AM
TurningBlanks.Net Store Newsletter
November 2013 Edition
Focus on Wood - Streaked White Oak

Flat Sawn

Quarter Sawn

End Grain

General Information:

White oak typically has a light white to off white heartwood, and a light tan or medium brown colored heartwood.  In this particular tree, the wood has developed streaks of black, burgundy, grayish-green, and reddish-brown throughout the tree.  These streaked patterns are quite uncommon, and to find a tree with patterns this heavily distributed throughout is very rare.

Common Name(s):

White oak


48 lb/ft3


1380 lbft - Hard

Specific Gravity:


Turning Properties:

Turns very easily while green, but becomes more difficult once dry.  Tearout when turning across areas of end grain is only slight to moderate.

Drying Properties:

Dries moderately well, with a noticeable tendency to warp during drying.  When rough shaping bowls and platters, leave a bit of extra thickness to allow for final reshaping.  Drying oak more slowly will improve final results.

Sanding Properties:

Sands well.  Requires grits around 60 for removing tearout and tool marks.  600 grit sandpaper will typically produce a medium-high lustre.

Finishing Properties:

Readily accepts nearly any type of finish or stain, although stains are not typically used due to the wood's naturally pleasing colors.


Toxicity:  Although very uncommon, oaks can produce skin, eye, and respiratory irritations in certain persons.

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