7"x3" KD Select Maple Wood Bowl Turning Blank

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Product Description

Suitable for inexperienced turners. Wood is typically tan or white in color. This species is moderately hard. Grain can be straight or wavy. Cuts well. Sands to a high lustre, finishes easily, and is stable when dried.
Special Note:
These pieces are produced as a by-product of cutting other types of maple, and will contain one or more of the following: ambrosia streaking, mineral stain, spalting, and/or miscellaneous figure.

   Kiln dried to below 10% moisture content
   End grain sealed in wax to maintain moisture content
   Protective wax seal guaranteed for 30 days
   Guaranteed defect-free (Full quality standards listed below)
   All orders fulfilled within 2 business days
   Shipments fully insured against loss and damage
  • Surfaces planed to display wood grain
  • Size varies by less than 1%
  • Will not contain rot, wane, cracks or pith
  • Solid knots up to 1/4" are allowed
  • Contains less than 30% heartwood
  • Contains one or more of the following: ambrosia streaks, mineral stain, spalting and/or miscellaneous figure
  • Select maple is a byproduct of cutting colored/figured types of maple

Customer Reviews

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Robert Marcereau
Maple platter

It’s always a pleasure doing business with you. I know the product will be as advertised. I am careful what l order as the cost of wood has a direct impact on the prices l am able to charge. The quality of the wood is never a concern, it is always excellent. Thanks

steve shafer
kd maple

The bowl bank, as always, was perfect!! Great company and very fast shipping and excellent prices!! Glad I found Got Wood!!!

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